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Dr. Victoria Mattingly, PhD

Owner & CEO of Mattingly Solutions

Victoria Mattingly, PhD is founder and CEO of Mattingly Solutions, a workplace inclusion consulting firm. Holding her doctorate in organizational psychology, Dr. V was trained to turn abstract concepts like inclusion into quantifiable metrics, enabling organizations to track and assess progress toward reaching their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals. Her life mission is to use organizational science to improve the human experience at work, especially for underrepresented groups. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dr. V leads a fully remote team and serves clients virtually across the U.S. 

Sertrice Shipley, M.S.

Owner & CEO of Plan to Action

Sertrice Shipley, MS, Owner & CEO of Plan to Action, brings her profound DEI expertise and innovation to the forefront of diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting. With an academic background marked by a B.S. in Psychology from Emporia State University and an M.S. in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Radford University, Sertrice has consistently demonstrated her profound expertise and passion in the field. Prior to leading Plan to Action, she made significant contributions as Co-Owner & Chief Consulting Officer of Mattingly Solutions. Sertrice resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband Abraham and their dog Winston.

Allison Goldstein.jpg

Allison Goldstein

Allison Goldstein is a writer and editor who works with business leaders, award-winning academics, and professionals to bring their literary ideas to the world. A graduate of the University of Rochester, where she studied English and cognitive sciences, Allison has over fifteen years of experience in writing, editing, and marketing. She is based in Jersey City, NJ.

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